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Bring all your company's research data, protocols, & documentation under one roof.

Tailored for the dynamic pace of the modern lab environment, IGOR seamlessly integrates structured data management, enhanced efficiency, and team collaboration tools into a single, secure cloud-based research documentation platform. 

What We Offer

Streamline your lab's productivity with IGOR's modern & intuitive electronic lab notebook, robust data file management, inventory, and compliance-oriented features. Crafted by scientists for scientists, IGOR simplifies workflows, facilitates collaboration, standardizes documentation, and safeguards data exchange.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Electronic Lab 

IGOR's electronic lab notebook (ELN) is designed to enhance research documentation by providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of recording scientific work. Researchers can easily record their scientific work in a structured and organized manner saving time and ensuring that important details are captured accurately.

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Centralized Experiment Hub

The Experiment Hub is at the heart of IGOR. It seamlessly links notebook entries with relevant data files, hand-written notes, and SOPs, ensuring that all experiment-related information is easily accessible and organized. With standardized metadata assignment and keyword tagging, researchers can quickly search and filter experiments, leading to time savings and improved efficiency.

Effortless Team Collaboration


Streamline your quality control with digital signature workflows and bolster efficiency with secure data sharing capabilities across departments, sites, and with external partners. IGOR safeguards the continuity of your data by ensuring that the research documentation of former team members remains accessible and searchable. Add to this the easy sharing of SOPs and Templates, and your team is in for a real boost in productivity!

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

The right tools can make regulatory responsibilities easier to manage. IGOR offers a secure platform with access control, custom user roles & permission, advanced data encryption, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant digital signature workflows, SOP management tools, audit trails, document and file versioning, and more. All to help your team streamline the compliance process.

Document Scanner App

Companion Mobile

In day-to-day lab operations, using traditional pen and paper for note-taking often proves to be the most practical and efficient method. IGOR's intuitive mobile app is designed to honor this reality. The app allows users to capture crucial lab observations, or scan documents and handwritten notes, then securely upload them straight to their respective electronic lab notebook entry.

Lab Inventory & Sample Tracking

Inventory & Sample Tracking*

IGOR's customizable inventory module allows users to effectively manage sample & reagent inventory. Easily assign inventory items to experiments for enhanced quality assurance. IGOR conveniently records the complete history of each item in the system. Custom storage locations facilitate the tracking of the physical whereabouts of all samples and supplies, with storage maps making it fast & easy to locate them.

*Launching in June, 2024.

Tailored workspace in hours, not days.

Transitioning to a digital documentation system can be a critical step for biotech companies, and the speed of implementation is often a key factor in the decision-making process.

IGOR was designed by seasoned lab scientists from the biotech industry who have a strong grasp of lab procedures and the requirements of researchers. It is therefore optimized for easy and quick deployment, with a user-friendly, ready-to-use framework that is customizable to the distinct workflows of your laboratory.

The result is fast setup and immediate productivity!

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