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Electronic Lab Notebook

Plan, prepare and document your experiments all in one place.

IGOR’s electronic lab notebook (ELN) features rich and convenient functionalities that are intuitive and easy to use, so you can efficiently document your research activities.

Scientists working together on their research documentation with IGOR's electronic lab notebook

Text Editor

Choose from various text formatting and styling options to visually structure your data report, highlight specific paragraphs, or emphasize important information. 

Image Tools

IGOR allows you to insert single images, or image galleries into your notebook entries. Once uploaded, images can be cropped, rotated, or annotated. You can also add captions to your images. 

Customizable Tables

Insert Excel-like tables within your notebook entries or directly import data from an excel spreadsheet. Tables can be formatted and edited as needed throughout your write-up.

File Storage

Attach any type of data file. IGOR automatically links them to the respective lab notebook entry for easy access. All files are fully versioned for a seamless audit trail. You can also easily view and restore previous versions, or deleted files. 

PDF Exports 

With IGOR, you can export your notebook entries as well-presented PDF reports at any time. Without additional effort, PDF exports of your notebook entries will look professional and ready to be shared with colleagues or collaborators.

No more ugly floating footnotes or cut-off images! 

Easily digitize
hand-written notes

IGOR's mobile scanner app is the perfect way to quickly digitize all of those notes, calculations, and cell counts that you have scribbled down in the lab. Whether you're taking notes on paper, your glove, or the shield of your tissue culture hood, IGOR's mobile app lets you easily snap pictures or scan documents and then securely upload them directly to your lab notebook. You can even choose which experiment they belong to. 

IGOR makes the transition to digital quick and painless!

IGOR's mobile app makes it easy to digitize your hand-written notes


Standardized templates and protocols are essential to ensure the reproducibility of your research results.

IGOR is a great tool for organizations to create team-shared templates, protocols, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Team members can link copies of shared SOPs or templates to their notebook entries for easy, fully audited editing on an assay-by-assay basis, without the risk of over-writing the master documents.

Recording protocol deviations has never been easier!

Access research data of former team members

Long-term storage and accessibility 

IGOR ensures that the experiment documentation of former team members remains fully searchable and accessible to the team.

With IGOR, your research data will not be deleted, even when a user leaves the team and their account gets de-activated. All current team members with the necessary access permission will be able to continue searching and viewing the experiment documentation and data of former team members. 

Witnessing & Review

IGOR's digital signature feature boosts your quality assurance by allowing team mates to review and witness each other's work. The name of the witness(es), the timestamps of all digital signatures and any notes to the author are tracked for a comprehensive audit trail.

Witnessed notebook entries are locked to prevent further editing, in line with regulatory guidelines. 

But what if you miss an error? 

Don't worry - IGOR allows you to make corrections to a locked notebook entry in a way that still complies with all the regulations.

Full audit trail and version control

IGOR automatically tracks and timestamps changes to each lab notebook entry and stores the full version history for easy auditing. Old versions of notebook entries, SOPs, and templates can be viewed and restored at any time. What's more, all data files uploaded into the experiment system are also fully versioned.

No more accidental deletion or over-writing of your raw data files!

IGOR's electronic lab notebook
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